Yuliana lopez Alzate

Born in Medellin, Colombia, as a child I experienced a lot of violence during the Medellin cartel era. Growing up, shootings were view as customary sounds that were alerting. They were followed by throwing yourself to the floor for protection and waiting till it was over knowing that it could happen again at anytime. These events impacted my life. I lost my cousin for dating a cartel member’s girlfriend. Shortly after that, my friend’s brother was shot outside while crossing the street with his bicycle. I witness it happening from the balcony at the age of 9 years old learning that life can be very short.

Coming from this dark past I choose to enjoy life to the fullest and focus only on the good. Inspiration from music, dance and nature creates good vibes which translate into my works through the use of vibrant neon color palettes. No matter the subject, my  goal is to elicit positive energy to those who engage with my art. Understanding there is still good and love within the world worth fighting for.

Dancingthroughlife copy

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